SNC Circle K

Executive Board


Olivia is a sophomore studying biology with a minor in Spanish. She has been a part of Circle K since freshman year. Olivia is excited to pursue service, leadership, and fellowship with you! She really likes the musical Wicked and has a plant named Elphaba!

Vice President

Gretta is a freshman studying Economics with a minor in Political Science. She is also in the 3+3 Law program. She loves to sing, draw, and read Stephen King. Gretta's favorite TV show is Criminal Minds.


Lauren is a Junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Music. Lauren has been involved in Circle K since her Freshman year. She joined because she loves service and helping the community. Lauren loves to read, listen to music and play video games. Her favorite TV show is also Criminal Minds.


Anton is a junior studying English with a minors in Spanish and music. He joined Circle K because he was interested in getting involved in service on campus and could immediately understand the club's importance and potential for good on a local, regional, national, and international level. A fun fact about Anton is that he does tons of creative writing -- he's always working on some story or another!